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Brick restoration – if this project has been on your mind, then it’s time to take action. Despite the toughness of brick, time and nature have a way of deteriorating even the most rugged materials. We provide expert beautifying and structural fixes and will have your property looking like new.

Call 630-834-3400 now for brick restoration.
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We provide brick repair and restoration for owners of properties that take great pride and satisfaction in their building. Whether it is a home, business or institutional property, we put our decades of expertise into improving structures. Our services for your masonry components are comprehensive and include the following:

  • Mortar repair
  • Shoring up
  • Cleaning
  • Tuckpointing
  • Crack repair
  • Waterproofing / sealant
  • Leaning

Our brick restoration addresses common problems experienced by property owners in Chicago and throughout the midwest. Spalling is one of them. The term refers to the deterioration of a surface brought on by moisture. Water not only negatively affects wood, metal, and every other naturally occurring component, but also man-made materials. With spalling, moisture penetrates brick, which is largely porous. Water gets into the surface nooks and crannies, which are usually extremely tiny. The penetration itself begins the slow process of decay, which is exponentially increased during the subfreezing temperatures we are so regularly exposed to during winter.

Our brick restoration includes two overall phases dealing with spalling:

  • Safely remove and replace … By the time most owners realize what is happening, there is usually little hope of repairing a spall-affected area. In most cases, sections have to be cut out and replaced – otherwise, you risk the various maladies of brittle components. We have the experience to keep your building supported while replacing sections.
  • Sealant … We recommend taking this measure as soon as possible to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. Just like the best medicine for one’s health is preventative measures regarding foreseeable sickness and disease, the same is true for your building. Sealant waterproofs the porous surface, maintaining the integrity of each individual part.

Another issue our brick restoration tackles is a phenomenon known as efflorescence. This term refers to a chemical response to moisture that brings salt to the surface. Many property owners try to wash off the white with more water, which only makes efflorescence worsen. We have the answer for safely removing the white and restoring color that will last.

Our experience in brick restoration is abundant and perfect for your property. Perhaps you have a historic building that has been a fixture in the community for decades. We understand what that is like because our company has been around since 1936. For all this time our company has been troubleshooting concerns for all masonry materials. This also includes concrete, terra cotta, lintel, and various stone.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make on their property is attempting difficult masonry repairs on their own. This is often the result of overconfidence on a handyperson’s end. The reality is that the materials we work with take many years of experience to property renovate. It is one thing to have a severe problem with one’s property due to deterioration over time. We are used to that. But having to make up for a failed DIY project, which we have done, favors nobody. Let us talk to you today about your masonry questions.

Call 630-834-3400 now for brick restoration.

Expert Masonry Repair and Restoration