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Total Coping Installation in Chicago, IL

Soumar Masonry provides your property with roofing security through coping repair in Chicago, IL. Our masonry company has served the area for almost 100 years, and we’ve left our imprint on countless homes. Our team can deliver if your property needs a minor repair or a major installation. We possess the technology and expertise necessary to make your roof whole once again. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Why is Coping Repair Important?

Wall coping is an essential component of your roof and wall. Let’s define wall coping before moving further.

Wall coping is the protective cap or cover on a wall, typically slated or curved to shed water, protecting the wall from water infiltration from above. According to International Building Code, the parapet walls on a roof are required to be properly coped with noncombustible, weatherproof materials of a width not less than the thickness of the parapet wall.

All properly made copings should be waterproof and fireproof, should be slightly wider than the wall itself, and should have drip edges on both sides to prevent water running down the face of the wall. There should also be a secondary water barrier or membrane installed underneath the coping itself. Standard coping materials include concrete, metal, stone, and terra cotta.

A wall cap keeps rain, hail, and other outdoor nuisances away from your exterior walls. If you notice your wall cap is damaged and neglect to get it fixed, the problem will only become worse. An unrepaired wall cap may let water invade your space, which could cause severe damage to your interior or exterior walls.

Wall damage could be merely cosmetic or lead to hazardous structural issues. Regardless, unattended wall cap damage will cost you more time, money, and stress as the problem progresses.

Further, you’ll want to have your wall cap inspected and fixed before temperatures dip below freezing. Average water damage is bad enough, but frozen water could cause irreparable damage.

We recommend contacting our masonry experts as soon as you find wall cap damage. We’ll come out to inspect the damage, provide you with an estimate, and plan to fix the situation.

How Is Coping Repair and Installation Done?

Keeping water out of your interior and exterior walls is the main point of any wall cap repair. Requesting an inspection from professionals is critical for repairing and restoring your wall. Our crew can evaluate your wall, determine the damage, and make the necessary repairs for good-as-new roofing.

Though all repairs and installations are relatively similar, there are subtle differences depending on the materials used to make a roof. For example, fixing a limestone roof will differ from repairing a steel roof. We’ll discuss what types of roofing we service below.

The most significant differences you’ll find with each wall cap repair are:

  • Attachment: How is the wall cap attached to the roof?
  • Joints: How are the wall cap sheets joined together?
  • Slant: Is the wall cap have a minor, moderate, or major curve?
  • Length: What is the size of the area where repairs are needed?

Where Can Coping Repair Be Used?

Wall coping has advanced thanks to developments in masonry technology. We can perform our wall cap services for many properties. Sometimes a roof needs a simple caulking job or significant repairs. We’ll provide the most appropriate service for your wall cap and make it better than ever.

If your wall cap is made from one or more of the following materials, we can service you:

  • Limestone (Stone) Copings: Limestone wall caps are among the most common in the area since their use dates back hundreds of years. Unfortunately, most limestone properties were constructed before modern wall caps, and old age makes them more likely to get damaged. Regular inspection is needed to ensure the health of your limestone wall capping.
  • Clay Tile Copings: Another typical wall cap among decades-old properties is clay tile. Like limestone, clay tile adorns beautiful historic buildings. Clay tile also requires regular inspection and maintenance to preserve its integrity. We most often repair clay tile wall caps by reapplying caulk and mortar.
  • Steel Copings: Steel wall caps are a hit amongst modern home and property owners. Steel fits the aesthetics of contemporary spaces, and it’s the most resistant to rain and outdoor elements. Luckily, steel usually requires minor repairs, if any. If your steel cap needs to be repaired, the issue can be corrected by a simple caulk reapplication to ensure water stays out of your interior and exterior.
  • Concrete Copings: Concrete is among the most durable and dependable materials out there. Quality concrete can sustain rough outdoor weather and last for years. However, concrete will begin to crack and erode eventually. If yours is deteriorating, we can perform pre-cast or cast-in-place to restore your concrete. Once repaired, your concrete should last you a long time.
  • Aluminum Copings: Like steel, aluminum wall caps have grown popular for contemporary homes and properties. Aluminum is highly resistant to rust and often outlives the roof it protects. Expanding and contracting due to temperature shifts is the biggest issue for aluminum wall caps. If your aluminum fluctuates and cracks, we can come out to repair it as needed.

Contact Soumar Masonry Today

A broken or damaged wall cap poses a great risk to the health of your property. That’s why our team of masonry specialists is here to help. Soumar Masonry has over 80 years of experience helping home and property owners in need. Our site manager will guide our team throughout for a successful restoration. Contact us today to improve the quality of your roof and give you peace of mind.

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