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Reliable Waterproofing and Masonry in Chicago, IL

Your home or business is an investment you want to preserve for years. Safeguard your brickwork, stone, and concrete from the unpredictable climate of Chicago, IL with masonry waterproofing. At Soumar Masonry Restoration, our innovative masonry waterproofing solutions are designed to boast lasting protection and durability.

Expert Masonry Waterproofing Services in Chicago, IL

Protect Your Brickwork With Masonry Waterproofing

Masonry is known for its durability and low-maintenance appeal. However, that doesn’t mean it is not vulnerable to moisture damage. Inclement weather and inconsistent temperatures can take a toll on your brickwork. To protect your home or business, opt for masonry waterproofing with Soumar Masonry Restoration in Chicago, IL.

The Importance of Masonry Waterproofing

Without masonry waterproofing, your brick structures can succumb to water intrusion. Water can seep in through, resulting in consistent dampness that leads to a range of problematic occurrences. Furthermore, this excess moisture, paired with Chicago, IL’s freeze and thaw cycles, can be detrimental to the stability and integrity of your property.

Potential Issues That Can Arise Without Proper Protection

Without quality masonry and waterproofing solutions, your property is at risk. The potential issues that can arise without proper protection include:

  • Persistent moisture and dampness
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Compromised internal walls
  • Weakened masonry
  • Structural damage
  • Costly repairs and replacements

Understanding the Need for Masonry Waterproofing

Water can infiltrate masonry through mortar joints and the porous bricks themselves. Exterior masonry walls are subject to a great deal of moisture from the elements, making water intrusion highly common. Masonry waterproofing is a non-negotiable asset for homes and businesses to combat the unfavorable impact of water intrusion.

Our Expert Masonry Waterproofing Services

With extensive experience, Soumar Masonry Restoration offers a range of custom-tailored masonry waterproofing solutions to property owners in Chicago, IL. Upon assessing your masonry, we may recommend tuckpointing, recaulking, exterior wall sealing to shield your masonry from the elements, or foundation waterproofing to mitigate water intrusions in your basement or crawlspace.

How Masonry Waterproof Sealant Works

Masonry waterproofing is a prompt and effective solution to safeguard your brick or concrete structures. Waterproofing involves meticulously applying a sealant penetrating deep into the mortar, brick, stone, and concrete to chemically adhere to the silica. This creates a hydrophobic shield of protection with no risk of discoloration or staining.

Tuckpointing and Masonry Waterproofing

Depending on the condition of your masonry, we may suggest tuckpointing, spot-pointing, or repointing in conjunction with a sealant application. This involves removing, chiseling, and cleaning faulty mortar, removing debris, and rinsing the area to ensure the new mortar adheres to the existing surface. Once the joints are filled with mortar and pointed, we apply sealant.

How Do I Know if My Masonry Needs Waterproofing?

Masonry waterproofing is essential even if your property has not displayed symptoms of water intrusion. However, if you detect symptoms of moisture, it’s imperative to schedule a masonry waterproofing service. These symptoms may include

  • Visible water intrusion
  • Damaged mortar or bricks
  • Mold growth
  • Interior wall damage

Benefits of Masonry Waterproofing

Masonry waterproofing is the key to longevity and uninterrupted beauty. The benefits of our masonry waterproof solutions include:

  • Preserve the integrity of your structure
  • Combat efflorescence (the white substance on brick as a result of moisture)
  • Prevent mold, mildew, and water damage
  • Boost your property’s insulation and energy-efficiency
  • Promote a longer lifespan
  • Mitigate costly repairs and replacements

Choose Soumar Masonry Restoration

Choose masonry waterproofing contractors with time-honored experience dating back to 1938. As Chicago’s multi-generational masonry experts, we apply the highest standards of quality care to each masonry waterproofing project. With a wealth of understanding and meticulous attention to detail, we offer a precise and seamless solution to garner exceptional, long-lasting results.

Speak With Our Masonry Waterproofing Contractors Today

Count on premium waterproofing materials, customized solutions, and a track record of excellence with Soumar Masonry Restoration. Our knowledgeable team has a unique understanding of the moisture challenges posed by our fluctuating climate, and we are readily available to tailor unrivaled solutions accordingly. Contact us today to speak with our masonry waterproofing contractors.

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