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Tuckpointing is one of the finest ways in which to reclaim the aesthetic value of your brick work, whether we are talking about a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional property. There are multiple and weighted values involved with brick and masonry work, and everyone adores the traditional, if not sometimes rustic appearance of this material. Beyond the great aesthetic value involved in brick and stone is their long-lasting durability. The nature of mortar as a binding, connecting agent, however, means it does not last as long. Regardless, we help with any issue you may have with your building’s masonry work.

Call us for a free and accurate estimate on tuckpointing at 630-834-3400. Between the value of aesthetic beauty and structural soundness, we help achieve this win-win for your building.

Tuckpointing is not easy work, yet it is easy to involve plenty of mishaps that completely go against to purpose of the job in the first place. The original purpose of this masonry practice was developed in late 18th century England to yield a cleaner look, utilizing the color of mortar to give the impression of finer brickwork.

As you know, here in Chicago and surrounding areas, our towns feature a wonderful and wide variety of old, character-rich brick and mortar work. It is a testament to our culture, architecture and residents that we have retained and utilized this fire-resistant material. Some property owners, however, want to retain the old character of their walls while giving their home, business or institution a makeover. That is where tuckpointing comes in, but that is not the only benefit to this renovation work. Mortar is not as durable as the brick and stone in which it creates a solid bonding. Over time, it will begin to decay. Dust and weather also takes a toll on both mortar and brick, lessening the appeal of one and the function of the other.

For optimal beauty and performance, we recommend the cleaning and refilling of mortar joints roughly every 20 years or so. Tuckpointing, with a skilled, experienced, and steady hand creates a stronger wall while maximizing the look of sometimes less-than-spectacular work. The process of this masonry involves precision; we employ thorough focus with our hand tools, or a saw, in removing deteriorated mortar, cutting away to yield a sound surface. All excessive material – dust and debris – is washed away during the tuckpointing process. We then re-point mortar joints with any variety of colors, techniques, and finishes. It is up to you regarding what look you are trying to achieve. However you go about it, you can gain peace of mind in knowing that your walls are stronger.

Additionally, throughout the tuckpointing process, we make sure to cut only the necessary affected mortar; we do not work against any of the bricks. There are varying depths for this, and how deep we cut depends upon the level of restoration you request. The kinds of mortar we use are mixed to match the masonry based on ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. We are very happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation for what styles and materials will work best on your walls. We can even provide test samples on areas of your wall.

630-834-3400 is the number to call for superior tuckpointing in the Chicago area. We offer you a free estimate and a way for your aged structure to look and feel revitalized.

Contact us for tuckpointing in Chicago, Glenview, Arlington Heights, Geneva, Aurora, Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Barrington, and Downers Grove.

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