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Living in our harsh Chicago climate can cause a myriad of problems for most brick and mortar structures. Our buildings are tortured by rainy weather in the spring, dried and baked by the summer sun, then snow and extreme cold in the winters. We expect our structures to take all those issues in stride while being pummeled daily by the standard fare of windswept debris found in our city. With proper tuckpointing restoration techniques, your building will be ready for any environmental hazard thrown its way while maintaining a crisp look and a clean exterior.

To combat these types of hazards, it is necessary to recognize when tuckpointing restoration services are necessary. The expert masons at Sourmar Masonry Restoration of Chicago are trained to do just that. We will ensure that your bricks, mortar and joints are properly maintained in order to maximize the beauty and structural soundness of your building.

Soumar Masonry Restoration Inc. is your source for professional masons in Chicago and the surrounding area. With over 70 years of experience, you can use our knowledge and skill to your advantage. Our tuckpointing services seal your building against the elements and keep it looking its best. Call us for a free estimate: 630-834-3400.

Expert Masonry Repair and Restoration