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Masonry repair at your home, business or other type of property (institutional) is best handled by folks that know how to execute all forms of masonry. That means we work with a wide variety of material, including brick, terra cotta, lintel, limestone and other forms of stone. We have beautifully completed a variety of historical reconstruction efforts, some of which have spanned a period of years. So whether you have a few light and relatively minor repairs, or you have some fairly heavy-duty renovation in mind, we are the professionals you should contact.

We offer free estimates and thorough consultations for all masonry repair and restoration needs. Call us at 630-834-3400 to get superior results and retain your property’s character.

After more than seven decades of expert masonry work to historical and contemporary properties throughout the area, we have achieved a high level of comfort in providing professional services for such projects including chimney repair. The following is just some of the factors making us the metropolitan area’s leading masonry professionals, including:

  • We like our size … We feature a seasonal staff of anywhere between 10 and 20 employees. This gives us a range for carefully completing projects both larger in scale, and smaller as well. Something like chimney repair, for example, can take a relatively short amount of time at a residential property, yet may also involve several weeks at a historical property. Either way, isn’t it nice to know that we feature a full range of dexterity for any project of this kind?
  • Established but still hungry … Yes, we have been around since 1938, but that does not mean we in any way rest on our laurels. We have continued with this successful business for so long precisely because we know a well-functioning business should never rest on what it has already accomplished. We are always waiting for that next important step. However, we are quite comfortable with our tried, tested, and true expertise. Your chimney repair project is very serious to us, and the results will show that.
  • A unique relationship to the area … Not only are we old masters for masonry projects, but we also have a very close relationship to how stone reacts to the structures and weather of the Chicago area.
  • Easy to stay in touch with … As with any relationship, communication is a keystone component to a healthy understanding. We are always easy to get and stay in touch with. Part of the beauty of our scale of business is that we can handle anything, yet we are an efficient and personable bunch in which you will not get lost as a number.
  • Not a one-trick pony … We do not have our sights set narrowly because we know that when we are tasked to take on tasks such as chimney repair, that may easily involve other facets of craftsmanship. Some other services we provide include inspection, waterproofing, caulking, various repairs and restoration of various materials, tuckpointing, building cleanup, and the installation of lintel, glass, and steel.

We are an easy, comfortable, and hassle-free company that you can look forward to work with. That is because we are always courteous, and you never have to doubt our professional capacity and integrity. Talk to us about your project; we are happy to go out of our way with a thorough consultation.

We look forward to the pleasure of doing business with you! Our number is 630-834-3400. Call us for your free estimate.

Expert Masonry Repair and Restoration