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Chimney restoration should happen quickly after the first signs of deterioration. Timely service can save a homeowner thousands of dollars. Call now for our decades of experience with brick and other masonry.

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Chimney restoration will likely be needed before other masonry projects around your home. This is due to the freeze-thaw process within the structure on a regular basis during winter, creating excessive moisture. Like other materials that make up a building, bricks and other masonry components are susceptible to damage because water penetrates pores. When brick has ice on the inside during winter, it will inevitably weaken. After several years, your masonry may be quite brittle. We recommend having your chimney checked out if it is 25-years-old or more.

If you reside in a historic home, the need for chimney restoration will likely be much greater. Besides the fact that materials composing older homes are more aged, older ones were typically designed for coal-based heating that powered boilers, rather than today’s natural gas or oil heating. Chimneys designed for coal heating are wider to accommodate greater heat output, but they are wrong for today’s fuel, creating greater stress on the structure.

Why do so many homeowners drop the ball on chimney restoration? There are several potential reasons, including:

  • Many simply are unaware there is a problem involving this unique home feature.
  • Some believe that if it is clean, they do not have to worry about it.
  • This spire-like structure is literally too far above most homeowner’s heads. They just cannot see the problem.
  • Because brick is so rugged, many believe that the material does not need attention after a while.
  • Fear of an expensive project. However, the longer a problem persists here, the worse it will get.

If you already know that you need chimney restoration, there are two major reasons for seeking timely repairs. For one, the weaker a structure is, the less it can withstand the elements. The deteriorated masonry becomes destabilized at an accelerated rate. Second, and more importantly, a crack may allow toxic gases including carbon monoxide to creep into your home. This is a serious health hazard with the potential for a long-term illness. If this structure needs to get fixed anyway, why not get the repair out of the way sooner than later?

For those who have a chimney that is at least 25-years-old, it does not necessarily mean major work needs to be done. But you should have it checked out once every couple of years to make sure your family is not exposed to unnecessary health risks. Sometimes, cracks occur where people either do not think to check, or simply cannot check – on the interior, where the most moisture collects.

Our team is fully experienced in chimney restoration. We have seen it all. We know how the weather in our area affects the various types of buildings and their masonry. This structure features much greater exposure to the elements than other exterior features. Our services are unlike most other contract work – the average handyman does not have much masonry experience. Troubleshooting these issues on top of your roof makes the project much more difficult. Trust your project to our capable hands.

Call 630-834-3400 now for chimney restoration.
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We provide chimney restoration in Chicago, Glenview, Arlington Heights, Geneva, Aurora, Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Barrington, and Downers Grove.

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