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Brick repair is a popular service we provide for our town’s renowned architecture and its vast array of brickwork. What is so great about this resilient material, besides the brilliant character retained in its look, is that it is made to last through the decades and, frequently, centuries. Our repair work lets you keep a material that is the signature of our aesthetic, yet gives you the support and overall upgrade of a brand new structure. If you want or if you need all the benefits of the new and the old, call us anytime to schedule a complimentary consultation.

630-834-3400 is the number to call to get the ball rolling on this project. Call us at your convenience for a free estimate on our masterful brick repair.

As Chicagoans, and our neighbors in the surrounding communities, we know the value of our beloved city and all the history behind it – making brick repair a necessary and important service. Maintaining history, one property and one brick at a time, is a task in our masterful masonry work that we do not take lightly. We have all the ways and means of maintaining the structures composed by this material.

You might say that we have a special bond with the task of brick repair, and how best to go about it. That is because we have been in business since 1938. We feature the kind of hand-me-down knowledge that you just cannot find without more than six decades of experience. We are the multi-generational Chicago Metropolitan restoration company that just cannot be compared to for masonry work.

Despite the brilliance, beauty and enduring character of this material, certain kinds of brick such as the clay-based are vulnerable to frost and other forms of icy weather. Brick is a sort of wonder material for its geothermal qualities, which is perfect for those cold winter nights and hot summer days. But brick repair may be necessary when frost has worked its way into those more porous areas of a brick. Water gets in, and freezing temperatures expands the minuscule area. It is not going to disintegrate the material quickly. Over time, however, there is a very obvious cumulative effect called spalling.

There is a solution to this problem; we feature sealants that prohibit spalling from happening. But you do not need a deteriorating clay-based material for our brick repair. That is because bricks are very resilient, and many of the calls we get are for the decay of mortar. By its nature, the mortar could never last as long as the primary building blocks it is tasked with connecting.

After more than 60 years of work beautifying and fortifying the buildings that make up our metropolitan area, we have done jobs that may just be the definition of painstaking. We have reconstructed the Gaylord Museum and Restaurant, built in the 1800s. In this reconstruction job that included plenty of brick repair throughout the two years it took to complete, we worked with architects, owners and historians to get this multi-phased, multi-tiered structure done exactly right. When it comes to detailed work, we go as far as you would like us to go. One thing is for certain, however, and that is whatever you retain our services for, we complete the work through and through.

Brick repair gives you back your brick while bringing out its beauty at the same time. We have a free estimate based on your project’s details at 630-834-3400.

We offer brick repair in Chicago, Glenview, Arlington Heights, Geneva, Aurora, Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Barrington, and Downers Grove.

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