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What does brick masonry repair mean for your property? Drastically improved curb appeal. A sign you care for your home or business. Longevity for a historic building. Call us now for expert solutions.

Call 630-834-3400 now for brick masonry repair.
We provide free estimates.

We provide brick masonry repair in one of the brick capitals of the world. Natives of Chicago and surrounding communities know that upkeep will eventually be necessary for stonework. But one common mistake many property owners make is to prolong the inevitable. Materials that make up the masonry family are rightfully considered rugged and durable. But after several years or decades they need our TLC for both beauty and structural integrity.

Our brick masonry repair work can solve many problems, including:

  • Cracking … Have you ever seen that line on a wall that looks like the side view of a flight of stairs? Cracking along mortar joints may be the result of foundation problems. But there are often other factors, including a design flaw, deterioration, or settlement. Your problem may be the result of a combination of factors.
  • Chimney concerns … Brick masonry repair may be needed on this unique facet of a property. They are self-supporting structures. But if support fails in any way then the rest of the building will likely be affected. A chimney has special challenges. It’s longer, stands taller, and has a narrower foundation compared to most other structures. Don’t wait to fix it until it is too late!
  • Leaning … If any part of a building is leaning inward or outward, it is a clear sign something is imminently wrong. If it looks as though a portion of a wall, chimney, or foundation could tip or crumble at any moment, call us. We are ready to start fixing it today.
  • Unsecured walls … This is also a dire situation in which brick masonry repair should have been professionally handled yesterday! No matter the situation – perhaps you have recently purchased the property and want it restored, or you finally have the funding for necessary services – our fast attention will stabilize your property. A disconnected wall is hardly reliable.
  • Leaks … If a leak has sprouted in your walls there may be multiple problems. This cannot be tolerated for very long without the progressive deterioration of a building. We will put our years of experience into remedying this problem. Talk to us about our waterproofing services.
  • Stains … Have you appreciated your bricks lately? If not, you may be missing out on the full potential of this material’s dynamic beauty. There is no substitute for the historic appeal of brick, which is why we urge you to not let staining obstruct your building’s potential. We have various methods of letting walls shine on their own, including tuckpointing.

We work with other materials … Our brick masonry repair may also involve many other materials, including terracotta, concrete, lintel, various stone, and more. You have nothing to lose by calling our number for a 100% complimentary review of your property’s specs. We have been around for several decades, and you will be hard-pressed to find another contractor in this field with our kind of established reputation.

Call 630-834-3400 now for brick masonry repair.

We provide free estimates.

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