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Brick masonry deals with the fundamental building blocks of your building that are a permanent feature, both in terms of structural integrity and aesthetic value. This makes it doubly important to find and retain the services of a company featuring consummate professionals for both of these very weighted factors for your home, business, public or otherwise institutional building for which you are responsible. Throughout the years we have learned tried, tested and true techniques that you can only get with experience.

We offer you a free estimate for brick masonry at 630-834-3400

This work includes the structural integrity of your building, as well as its aesthetic value, so we encourage you to seek only the best professional work.

When brick masonry is needed, there are many methods and techniques to troubleshoot issues facing your structure. After more than 60 years, we continue to employ various ways to yield top results. We know there are many “tricks” of the trade, which may actually be quite difficult to successfully execute. After all of our experience, we remain vigilant because we know that a mistake can be very damaging. As natural as this work comes to us, we know that inexperienced, or less-than-qualified contractors can just as easily mess up an important job. If you want to ensure that your brick work is in the most trusted hands, contact us when you are ready.

To the point of being qualified for brick masonry, we have all that any property owner could possibly seek. We know the area’s architecture, as well as any contractor, could, including Chicago, the metropolitan area as well as throughout the Midwest region of our country. Our business stands for absolute quality – a quality that has lasted since 1938. We fully appreciate all angles of brick, including the face, beds, side, cull, and end, and what it means to your property, as well as the binding mortar in between bricks.

Brick masonry is one of the oldest forms of construction, and has been around since mankind has attempted to build permanent structures. However, over thousands of years, as humanity has perfected the fabrication of bricks as well as the various building techniques involved, it is a lost craft for a majority of builders throughout the United States. With our part of the country being among the leading users of this material, we are extremely proud to be the leading brick masonry company in the area.

Although brick work is one of the most popular areas of our business, you may enjoy knowing when we come to your property that we do not have tunnel vision for only this material. That is because we know there are several demands for the area’s masonry needs. We also feature plenty of expertise for additional materials such as lintel, terra cotta, limestone, and various other stone. We excel in projects including tuckpointing, caulking and various other masonry services such as restoration.

Brick masonry is a specialty field in which the vast majority of contractors cannot compete with us. Throughout the many decades that has seen our business flourish, we have accumulated an extraordinarily long list of completely satisfied customers that can act as references for the many restoration services that we employ at all types of properties throughout the Midwest. If you need masonry work of any kind, you know where to find the most qualified craftspeople.

Brick masonry requires experienced know-how, a steady hand, and 100 percent focus. Call 630-834-3400 for a free estimate. Our prices are fair and reasonable, and our work is the most reliable.

We offer brick masonry in Chicago, Glenview, Arlington Heights, Geneva, Aurora, Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Barrington, and Downers Grove.

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