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We have all seen parapets. Although we may not necessarily identify them immediately, once pointed out, we can recognize them. They are the crenelated tops of castles. They flow around the top of old London, England, row houses. As is the case with any form of brick or stone construction, time erodes the structure or eats away the mortar. Weather elements take a toll on them and you eventually have the need to call a company skilled at parapet restoration techniques.

The Problem With Parapets

A parapet sits as a low structure at the very edge of a building. You may find it on the edge of the balcony or terrace of a building of any size. Its position makes it vulnerable to a variety of issues that affect its integrity. Often, the tops of these walls suffer masonry issues more than the actual wall structures do. Weather elements play a role in creating such problems. However, the actions of other people also may negatively affect the ability of a parapet to remain intact.

At Soumar Masonry Restoration, we know how to address the many problems that occur with parapets, including those that commonly result from:

  • Roofing that is applied incorrectly on the roof side of the parapet wall. This may trap moisture inside the wall.
  • Open coping joints. This also allows moisture to escape into the parapet wall.
  • Mortar that has cracked from age.
  • Whether that has caused the mortar to crumble over time.
  • Effervescent lime, brown, or iron staining.

In addition, the initial installation or repairs of some parapets have been improperly conducted. As result, you will need to call professionals to ensure the parapet restoration job is handled correctly and appropriately. The right masons will make sure the job is done properly this time.

Parapet Restoration Methods and Techniques

The restoration of a building may involve the reconstruction or repairing of parapets. In doing so, we adopt several methods to ensure the result is the best solution possible. At Soumar Masonry Restoration we:

  • Reuse the original brick or stone units whenever possible.
  • Reset existing coping.
  • Fabricate new units for replacements when the original pieces are no longer functional or safe for their intended purpose.
  • Improve the durability of the parapet wall by utilizing the latest techniques and high-quality, durable materials.

Our masons use grinding, tuckpointing, and other appropriate methods in parapet restoration.

Soumar Masonry and Parapet Restoration

Before a parapet is in danger of creating further problems that may affect the structural integrity of your building, you must take measures to have it repaired or restored. A damaged parapet can also be a public safety hazard or to anyone who must work on the roof or use the balcony. You need to take control of the situation. Call us at Soumar Masonry and find out how parapet restoration will help prevent potential harm to the structure of any single person.

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