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If your building needs a job that involves brick, stone, or cement, you may need to hire a masonry contractor. This individual has been trained in the various aspects and elements of masonry work. This includes both on-job application of his or her skills, as well as the employment of people management talents. At Soumar Masonry Restoration, we hire only experienced professional masonry contractors to perform such high-quality work.

What Masonry Contractors Do

A masonry contractor has two specific roles that are different, but related. He or she is a mason specialist. He or she is also a contractor. In the role of mason, masonry contractors must:

  • Know the characteristics of blocks, brick, concrete, stone, and other comparable materials.
  • Understand how to construct, repair, and restore the different components or entire structures composed of these materials.
  • Be knowledgeable in repairing, restoring, and constructing masonry-built structures and parts. This includes both pre-casting and molding replacement components.
  • Be able to recognize readily flaws and other problems that reveal the need to repair or replace the various types of masonry. This includes spalling and cracking.

As a contractor, masonry contractors have to have a solid grasp of other aspects beyond the skills of being an expert mason. He or she must

  • Have a complete understanding and knowledge of the laws and regulations that relate to the project, e.g. inspections, licenses, permits, lien laws, tax payments.
  • Possess the proficiency to project costs of various aspects of the project. This includes material and labor costs, as well as the expenses involved with hiring general contractors and other forms of labor.
  • Have the faculty understand how weather conditions may affect the overall cost of a project.
  • Be cognizant of insurance and insurance-related regulations and diverse types required before work starts on a site or project. Among the most common ones are workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, property damages, theft protection, fire, accident, and general losses.
  • Be able to establish solid working relationships with a variety of people. This includes tradespeople as well as architects, municipal and other government officials, and unions.

Masonry contractors at companies such as ours are fully aware of their responsibilities and are well versed in all aspects of their job, including public relations.

Soumar Masonry Contractors Know Their Job

At Soumar Masonry Restoration, everyone wants your project, big or small, commercial, industrial or residential, to be a success. We work together with you to ensure you get the results you want. Our goal, from our masonry contractors down to the masons and office staff, is to provide you with the services and skills that will make our work exceed even your most stringent demands and highest expectations.

Expert Masonry Repair and Restoration