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Modern Masonry in Chicago, IL

The modern industry of masonry is nothing like the way it was 100 or even 10 years ago. With innovations and advancements happening virtually every year, the industry continues to see improvements in productivity, efficiency, and technique. However, none of these improvements would be possible without the inventions and techniques that make modern masonry what it is today.

Mixer Innovations

A masonry project would be nothing without the right tools and materials, and that’s why innovations in mixers have played such a pivotal role in the industry. Previously, contractors had to mix mortar and concrete in large drum mixers that tumbled and mixed the materials. This was a slow process relative to modern techniques that allow for meeting much tighter deadlines. These innovations include mixers powered by hydraulics that pack a much more powerful punch and can mix more efficiently. Older mixers must also be high off the ground to dump contents, while modern mixers often incorporate hydraulic cylinders that raise the drum, reducing the laborer’s effort and increasing efficiency.

Defense Against the Elements

Often, masonry buildings can be described as “breathing,” as they absorb moisture and expel vapor over time. Although this adds charm to some projects, it can also lead to long-term damage. Since water or ice can damage masonry buildings, modern masonry has developed to help reduce this harm in the restoration of masonry buildings. By adding flashings at parapets or windowsills, modern innovations can reroute the water and prevent damage. Modern masonry also incorporates moisture barriers, trapping moisture and defending even historical buildings from the elements.

Modern masonry has come a long way thanks to recent advances and improvements. If you’re in need of restoration services for a masonry building, contact Soumar Masonry Restoration, Inc. today.

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