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Concrete restoration makes up a very large percentage of our work, which may not be surprising when you consider that this is the most commonly-used manmade material in the world. This is a bit of a wonder material in that it is a composite material (so it is virtually limitless) and it is malleable enough to fit just about any building need. It can be poured onsite, and it may come to construction projects precast. However, these outstanding attributes do not make this material foolproof. So, when structural problems occur on your home, business or institutional property, we are the master masonry professionals who will best troubleshoot any problem.

Concrete is the most common manmade material in use in the world today. Call us at 630-834-3400 for the very best work on all concrete restoration projects. We provide you with a free estimate.

We have done all types of projects that make necessary our expertise in concrete restoration. Historic preservation projects are just one side of what we do, but concrete is a universal building material affecting floors, walkways and driveways. More importantly, a concrete fix may be needed for the foundation of your home.

Here are just a few signs that your property’s foundation could desperately use the assistance of our concrete restoration:

  • Sloped floors – A dead giveaway for a faltering foundation, some folks let this clue slide for many years.
  • Fissures in your walls – Whether it is a crack in sheetrock or brick, your walls are not breaking on their own. Gravity is continuing to pull on your home and widening the area needing concrete restoration.
  • Water intrusion – The anchor of your home is clearly in trouble when water is springing from the cracks. Left alone, the property damage can be immediate and exponential. By all means, take care of this right away!
  • A pulling away chimney – If this defining feature is looking more and more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is not going to get better on its own. Our experience with advanced concrete restoration is vast, which is why we are your professionals for a safe, stable house.
  • Minor fissures visible in your foundation – The sooner you take care of a minor break, the better off you are. We can prevent significant issues from arising if we repair them immediately.

When it is clear you need help, we are the professionals you should consult with. That is because we offer complimentary estimates, and we have the most trained and seasoned vision for locating the precise source of trouble. Additionally, we find the most cost-effective methods in gaining level ground for your property.

Historical buildings are not just treasures of our towns, our region or our nation; they are truly treasures of the world. Chicago and the communities in which we serve are world renowned. With our rich history, we fully respect your property from the moment we arrive to provide the best concrete restoration you can find. Every property, each building, with different materials exposed to slightly different locations, has its own unique identity. Succeeding in business for well over six decades, you can trust that our business environment fosters a highly trustworthy ethic. Our main focus is providing the absolute best masonry work in all its forms to our neighbors, colleagues and friends.

630-834-3400 is our number; call us today for a free estimate. We continue to lead the way with excellent concrete restoration.

Contact us for concrete restoration in Chicago, Glenview, Arlington Heights, Geneva, Aurora, Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Barrington, and Downers Grove.

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