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Masonry repair is something that Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It may entertain shouldering on their own for their property, but there are many reasons why this is not a good idea. For one, you may think that you did a sufficient job in completing the necessary repair, but a good number of these jobs truly take the skilled eye and knowledge of a professional. A common feature of cracks and crevices in stone, block, or brickwork may be moisture, which is a leading cause for property damage worldwide. In short, not getting this manner of repair properly fixed in a reasonable amount of time may lead to exponential damage to your home, business, or institutional building.

Professional help is the easiest and, in the long run, the most cost-effective way to go for masonry repair. Call us for a free estimate at 630-834-3400 and preempt any long-term problems.

For masonry repair in Chicago and the surrounding area, it is important to first determine the cause of the crack in a stone, block, or brick wall. To put it simply, even an experienced handyman or handywoman may run into considerable trouble in first identifying the root problem, and then knowing the proper way to solve the issue. On top of requiring a vast amount of skill to achieve a reliable solution, time, teamwork, and many assorted tools and materials are needed. Trowels, builder’s sand, lime, cement, mallets, masonry blades, chisels, masonry hawks, and cleaning equipment are just a few items needed.

Consider what is at stake – a property that may be the most important investment in your life, perhaps your home or business. Masonry repair is nothing to shrug off lightly. Or, there is importance of another nature, which is the historical kind. Preservation efforts are real, tangible testaments to history, and without these beautiful edifices a specific period of time is more easily forgotten. A fissure on any sort of property may be foundational in nature and is something you do not want to mess up! Moisture involved in the crack only compounds the issue and reinforces the need to get this solved properly and quickly.

We have extensive experience in expertly dealing with masonry repair, having been involved with several restoration projects since our masonry company started in 1938. Some have spanned a period of years, such as the Gaylord Museum and Restaurant, originally built in the 1800s. In this example of masonry repair, one phase included rebuilding interior walls with hand-picked quarry stone, and the project in general required our full expertise to achieve the superior result in which we left the property. We do not leave anything to chance; instead, we go any distance in getting the reliable quality that we know is right for your property.

And that is just the point as it may concern your property for masonry repair. Although your project may not require two years of attention and exquisite hand-picked stone, we put just the right amount of care into completing your project. We do what we have to do to provide reliable masonry to fix fissures, plug away moisture and stabilize any foundation. If you need work done in the Chicago metropolitan area, go with the professional company who has been around for well over 60 years.

Masonry repair is not something best left for the weekend warrior.
630-834-3400 – that is the number to call for intuitive know-how and a free and accurate estimate.

Contact us for masonry repair in Chicago, Glenview, Arlington Heights, Geneva, Aurora, Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Barrington, and Downers Grove.

Expert Masonry Repair and Restoration